Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine Bear Hugs Cake Pops

Bear hugs are welcome any time - no reasons needed. 
 Although Valentine's Day does inspire hugs to come in different forms. 
Like in the form of a vanilla bean . . .
pink swirled cake pop.
With a royal icing bear on top . . .
 hugging a sweet icing heart . . .
and sharing the love with a bunch of friends!
Now that's a cake pop we can all embrace!
 These two would be perfect for my twin nephews.
I made the cake using a French Vanilla cake mix and adding vanilla beans to the batter.  Easy and full of flavor.
 For the pink swirled effect . . .
 Just dip a toothpick into hot pink gel food color . . .
And gently knead into the cake ball.
Your hands fingers and palms will turn hot pink for a few hours . . .
 but hey, it's all in good fun!
Have a coffee cup filled 1/4 of the way up with the sparkling sugar sprinkles.
After you dip the cake balls into the candy coating, give them a dip in the sparkling sugar.
 Add your Wilton royal icing bears on top and let it set up.
Wrap these up in a treat bag and give someone a big Valentine Bear Hug . . . 
. . . cake pop style. 
Happy Baking and Making!

I Heart Nap Time

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Love Knots

Cupid send your arrow this way because these Love Knot Pretzels are ready for Valentine's Day!
I am stepping outside of the cake pop box for a moment to enjoy the fun of making something sweet and easy.  Bag these Love Knots with a bow or put them into a small treat box. They only take minutes to assemble and make a great Valentine's Day treat. 
There are a lot of awesome printables out there that you can frame or use as favor tags.  The printables I used came from these talented bloggers who kindly made them available for our personal enjoyment (be sure to check them out!)  Click on the links for: the framed subway Valentine printable , "love" doily large tag, the flag bunting , and the pink and grey cupcake topper/tags.
Now on to the Love Knots!
I used Utz Old Fashioned Sourdough Hard Pretzels.  They are nice and big (about 3 in. x 3 in.) which gives you a good area to work on but not so large that you couldn't fit them in a treat bag.
Melt some white candy melts in a bowl and dip the pretzels in face first.  Generously sprinkle on pink or white sparkling sugar.  Let it set up on a wire cookie rack.  Once dry package them up or display them in a bowl for family to nibble on. 
The sweetness of the candy coating together with the salty crunch of the pretzel is delicious!  I hope you keep a few for yourself before you hand them out to all those special people on your Valentine's list.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blue Velvet Snowflake Pops

The January snows have settled into our neck of the woods.
It blankets the fields, bridges and pines in a clean, bright white.
And to celebrate I made up a batch of these crystalline snowflake pops.
When it came time for their photoshoot, I bundled up - gear and goodies in tow - and headed outside. 
I think I had more fun photographing these sweet pops. 
Finding a good spot where the morning sunlight glittered over the snowdrifts. 
Placing them gingerly at the edge of the old red bridge.
And finding just the right snow-covered rock at the river's bank.
I think the cake pops were right in their element! 
Just look at how striking the blue velvet center is against the sugared white. 
The cake part of these pops are incredibly delicious.  I baked a blue velvet cake.  First time ever and so delicious!  Click on the link for the recipe as well as other blue desserts and drinks. 

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