Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spooky Candelabra Cake Pops

How I love October and all this month brings . . . warm colors and cool winds, hand-knit scarves and snuggly boots, ghost stories around campfires and especially . . . Halloween!  Join me as I celebrate with haunting quotes and hallowed treats all month long.
Kicking off this spook-tacular month are these bat and spider cake pops hanging out on a creepy candelabra.  The perfect centerpiece for your Halloween dessert table.
When witches go riding and black bats are seen . . .the moon laughs and whispers . . . 'tis near Halloween! (- anonymous quote)
Stir the fire until it lowe, how like a queen comes forth the lowly moon . . .
. . . . from the slow opening curtains of the clouds . . .
 . . . walking in beauty to her midnight throne. (- George Croly)
Of calling shapes and beck'ning shadows dire . . .
. . . and airy tongues that syllable men's names.  ( - John Milton)
When black bats fly . . .
 and cats eyes gleam . . . May luck be yours on Halloween!

Now sink your fangs in!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bridal Shower Cake Pops

It is said that a GOOD friend knows all your best stories.  But a BEST friend has lived them with you!  And a lucky girl I must be, for I have two.
My most loyal friend of 32 years and I decided to honor our dear friend of 20 years with a surprise Bridal Shower back home in Miami. 
In celebration of the bride-to-be, I tried my hand at these bridal shower cake pops fancied up with edible diamonds from Fancy Flours.
The jewels are made out of candied sugar (like a ring pop) and lend just the right touch for special occasions.
They are clear and sparkle in the light and come in many colors.  I love their selection assorted edible gemstones.  Those will probably show up in a later post!
I made the bridal shower cake pops with a fairy pink candy coating and a piped on design resembling an engagement ring.
The cake ball is made of strawberry cake and lemon cream icing and tasted like a strawberry-lemonade-creamsicle.  Perfect flavors for a South Florida party.
Now on to the bridal shower for our beautiful B.F.F.
She was a well-deserved princess for the day (and well into the night!)  It was her time to get pampered  and appreciated.
So many wonderful friends lent a helping hand setting up and decorating Gina's already lovely home.

The festive table was filled with mini Cuban bocaditos (finger foods) from Vicky Bakery.  We had some favorites like Croqueticas de Jamon (ham croquettes), Pastellitos de Carne (meat pastries) and Empanadas Espanola (Spanish pastries).
 And look at this gorgeous tower of cupcakes!
All made from scratch by the talented Gina (you can see her work on Pinterest).
 Each delicious cupcake was made to coordinate with a matching cocktail: Margarita, White Russian and Vanilla Cake.

We played fun games including this one.
Naturally, the twins would choose the same random number - 209 - (they say twins are psychic!)  But they also chose the CORRECT number.  They WON!

It was a wonderful day . . .
Filled with good friends . . .

and loving family!
It was a day to come together to celebrate the friendship of an amazing person who is deeply valued in our circle.  And we welcome her incredible fiance with open arms because he has given her the precious gift of true love . . .
Happy Bridal Shower Melanie!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Barnyard Cake Pops

Welcome to our miniature barnyard . . . cake pop style!  Let me show you around.
Here at this funny little farm you'll find a cow as big as a barn and hens as big as our cow!
The sugared icing horse and barn look like they could have been modeled after the real deal . . .
 . . . and this really is Pazzo standing in front of his own barn.
Our tiny cow gets along with our gigantic hens.

 And our horses like to think they rule over the whole roost.

They are big and friendly toward all . . . a definite favorite on the farm.
We even snuck in a plump pink piggy.
Who happens to be nothing but a big ol' mush inside.
See what I mean?
 Actually, he's made out of yummy carrot cake!
As are all the others . . . just the sweetest bunch of barnyard friends you'll ever meet!
Ever wonder what the little ones are thinking as they look at their treats?
Maybe he thinks he's a horse named Mischief . . .
. . . who's getting served a slice of heavenly carrot cake on a fine porcelain plate . . .
. . . in a mountain pasture filled with fresh air and warm sunlight.
And he digs right in . . .filling his belly with carrots and cake and more carrots and more cake until. . .
he's ready for his nap in his happy little barn . . . on his comfy bed of straw . . .
having barnyard dreams of cake pops!