Friday, August 31, 2012

Surfboard Cake Pops

To all the surfer's and lover's of the ocean (my brother at the top of that list) . . . . this post is for you!
A sunny morning at Dania Beach in South Florida inspires my next cake pop adventure. 
Ocean waves rolling to shore . . . tropical hibiscus flowers bright and cheerful.

 Can you hear the waves crashing on the beach?
 Go on and grab your board . . . the ocean beckons.
Can you feel the warmth of the sun rising over the sand dunes?

Surfboards lined up as if on the beach . . . ready to ride the waves.
The lifeguards are opening up their stations for the day and setting out the longboards. 
This is her view looking out to sea!

 And up the coast toward the pier.

 Look at these beautiful Palm trees . . .
 . . . greeting beach-goers with a welcome wave of their branches.
And so with this sweet curl of a wave as inspiration . . .

 . . . the surfboard cake pops idea was born!
No lifeguard on duty?
No problem!
Swim into these pops of fun at your own risk of sweet happiness!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Spidey Man Cake Pops

Spidey Man Pops

Take a look over head . . . Look out!!! Here comes the Spidey Man!

He arrives just in time . . . in cake pop form of course! 

In the chill of the night . . . mix up some blue vanilla icing.

Since he has radioactive blood . . . let's use red candy melts!

Roll out your cake balls . . . this step not to be ignored . . . 

. .  . since action is his reward!

Look out!  Here comes the Spidey Man . . . .

I was having so much fun making the pops that I decided to bake a few cupcakes to go with them.

I already melted the candy wafers so I dunked the cupcake tops right in . . . just to see! 

Once the coating hardened I piped on the webs.

And since he spins a web any size . . . how would it look on a cake?

Look at the city scape!

Its made out of Hershey's chocolate bars with icing dotted on to resemble building lights

He may look menacing . . . but he really is your friendly neighborhood spidey man cake pop.  Just so sweet inside!

 To him life is a great big bang up . . . so wherever there's a hang up . . .

. . . you'll find a spidey man.  (Cake pop that is!)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

 Pool Party Pops

The pool is open!
And nothing beats the dog days of summer like a refreshing pool party! 
Everyone wants in on the splashin' action. . . including two of my pups.

So dip your feet in and kick back  . . .

because I made a little something for our pool party.  Can you guess what it is?

Something that gets kind of drippy . . . so you have to hurry up and eat it.

You bet 'cha! These ice cream cone cake pops are just perfect for a pool party!

As cute as the sugar cones look, their pointed bottoms make them difficult to prop up.

So I switched over to ice cream cups.  Rolled out the cake balls and dipped the whole thing in vanilla candy coating. 

 I found that Kroger's brand of candy coating melts nicely and doesn't need any shortening to thin it.

I bought these adorable votive holders . . .

. . . . and they held the ice cream cone cake pops perfectly.

Wouldn't they make cute party favors?

Well you may not be allowed to dive into the pool . . .

But you sure can dive into these poolside treats!

And on a hot summer's day . . . they do go fast! 

Just ask my little cannon balls.