Friday, August 31, 2012

Surfboard Cake Pops

To all the surfer's and lover's of the ocean (my brother at the top of that list) . . . . this post is for you!
A sunny morning at Dania Beach in South Florida inspires my next cake pop adventure. 
Ocean waves rolling to shore . . . tropical hibiscus flowers bright and cheerful.

 Can you hear the waves crashing on the beach?
 Go on and grab your board . . . the ocean beckons.
Can you feel the warmth of the sun rising over the sand dunes?

Surfboards lined up as if on the beach . . . ready to ride the waves.
The lifeguards are opening up their stations for the day and setting out the longboards. 
This is her view looking out to sea!

 And up the coast toward the pier.

 Look at these beautiful Palm trees . . .
 . . . greeting beach-goers with a welcome wave of their branches.
And so with this sweet curl of a wave as inspiration . . .

 . . . the surfboard cake pops idea was born!
No lifeguard on duty?
No problem!
Swim into these pops of fun at your own risk of sweet happiness!


  1. Okay, now I want to go back to Hawaii! And you even have my favorite...honu (turtle!) Jen R

  2. Very cool D! I love the Ying & Yang boards. The size of the waves on the pops compared to the boards is very reminiscent of FL surf. Nice floater! Super creative. Love u! Jim-bro

    1. Thx bro! They are definately inspired by the South FL waves . . . so different from the Sourhern CA waves!