Monday, August 20, 2012

Spidey Man Cake Pops

Spidey Man Pops

Take a look over head . . . Look out!!! Here comes the Spidey Man!

He arrives just in time . . . in cake pop form of course! 

In the chill of the night . . . mix up some blue vanilla icing.

Since he has radioactive blood . . . let's use red candy melts!

Roll out your cake balls . . . this step not to be ignored . . . 

. .  . since action is his reward!

Look out!  Here comes the Spidey Man . . . .

I was having so much fun making the pops that I decided to bake a few cupcakes to go with them.

I already melted the candy wafers so I dunked the cupcake tops right in . . . just to see! 

Once the coating hardened I piped on the webs.

And since he spins a web any size . . . how would it look on a cake?

Look at the city scape!

Its made out of Hershey's chocolate bars with icing dotted on to resemble building lights

He may look menacing . . . but he really is your friendly neighborhood spidey man cake pop.  Just so sweet inside!

 To him life is a great big bang up . . . so wherever there's a hang up . . .

. . . you'll find a spidey man.  (Cake pop that is!)



  1. Wow. My 2 1/2 year old is in love with Spiderman. Do you ship these?!!

    1. I haven't tried shipping them yet. Maybe we could set up a test run!

  2. Very cool. I know 2 little superhero maniacs that would love to take spidey on a tummy adventure! That cityscape is super!

  3. I bet they would! And Spidey would enjoy it too.

  4. These are awesome! I'm going to try and make the cupcakes for my son's birthday party in two weeks. Great job!

    1. I bet he will love it. It's an easy theme to go with - lots of great finds at the $ store!