Tuesday, August 25, 2015

50th Wedding Anniversary Cookies

Edible ink has come a long way.  I love the fine tip food writers made by Wilton.  They give me total control while creating swirls and writing names on iced cookies.  My hand just isn't as skilled with piping names in the medium of royal icing. 
I often feel like I'm going to ruin my perfectly cut and iced cookies with a giant blob of icing . . . darn those pesky air bubbles! 

But food writers make "piping" a real pleasure.  I can once again have the reliability I need so that I can create something wonderful.   

Here are some cookies I made for a 50th wedding anniversary.  See if you can tell what was piped and what was written with food writers! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Toffee Espresso Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting


Oh, how I'm loving the warm nutty flavors of browned butter this Fall! 
And my Toffee Espresso Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting have all the rich flavors of the season, with out the spice.
  The depth of the browned butter compliments the toffee just as the espresso enhances the chocolate.  So decadent! 
 Adding to their elegance are the flecks of brown in the buttercream and the drizzle of chocolate ganache.  If you need a no-fail recipe to impress the palate and the eye, then you must try these.
Click the "Read more" link for my recipe for Toffee Espresso Cupcakes . . .
I truly hope you enjoy it!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Ultimate Girls Spa Party

Goodness GRACIOUS, how do our sweet baby girls turn into pampered princesses?!?!  Seemingly overnight, they've turned EIGHT!!!  I'd REALLY love to know how to slow this ride down.  It's unreal . . . yet really awesome!    
This was a such a great party to soak up some of those sweet moments before they've sped on by.  This party was colorful and fun . . . pink and blue color theme with plenty of pampering and glitter and glitz. 
And with a TON of pictures, I know you'll find some great ideas to inspire your own ULTIMATE GIRLS SPA PARTY!!!   
So, away we go . . . .
The goal of every good spa is to help you unwind and relax.
Mmmm-Mmmm . . . these jello "martini's" were a SPLASH with the little ladies!
Each  place setting had a gel eye mask, rolled up washcloth, a personal mirror and a mini silver spoon to apply their pudding facial.
After they ate applied their facials, the girls each got a fluffy pink robe to put on and a beach bag to take with them into the spa.
The hot-stone massage station . . .
The glammed-up hair station . . . .
The manicure station . . .
The pedicure station . . . .  
Once the girls completed each station they received a small gift to put into their spa bag and added a star sticker to their personal name tag badges.
Now for the Deeee-LICIOUS dessert table . . .

Before they left, they each received a PAMPER ME PRETTY t-shirt.

Now, let's look inside their spa bags!!! . . . . .

Loofas and lipgloss, shower caps and gels, foot massagers and lotions . . .

And a pretty journal to jot down memories of the special spa day!!!




Thursday, February 13, 2014

Royal Box of Chocolate Cookies

Make your sweetheart feel absolutely Royal this Valentine's Day with these royal icing box of chocolate cookies.
Although my piping skills may need some improvement, I love the look of this quilted iced cookie. 
To get that "tufted" look, I drew a grid pattern onto the cookie using a yellow food writer.  Then filled in the squares with pink royal icing.  For a top-notch tutorial visit The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.
Once the icing was semi-set, I placed an edible pearl at the corners of the squares.  I think it helps complete the pattern.
This was a fun collection to make for Valentine's Day.  But the next time I make these I will use real chocolates to place on top of the iced cookie.  Because really . . . what beats chocolate on Valentine's Day?  Have a happy one!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cowboy Birthday Party

Can a cowboy live in the Big Apple?  Well hoof-beats-and-hay rides, I say . . . he sure can!
And when that cowboy throws a city-slickin' birthday party, it can be a mighty fine affair.  So get yerself to a comfy spot and check out these pictures full of fun cowboy party ideas.
I was fortunate enough to be asked to make these adorable cowboy themed cookies . . . western boots, cowboy hats and a sheriff's star.

Can you believe this little ranch is right in the middle of the Bronx?


These favors were horse-themed calendars.  What a great idea!


I hope you enjoyed the pics and got inspired to create your own Cowboy themed party . . . no matter where you live!  Happy trails y'all . . .