Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School Cake Pops

Crayon Cake Pops

to celebrate . . . 
Yesterday marked that time of year again for us . . . kids all dolled up in their first-day finest . . . Mom's and Dad's rushing about making sure all preparations have been made. 
As we waited hand-in-hand at the bus stop we sang our favorite songs of this summer and talked about what new adventures this day would bring.
When the school bus finally came it was all cheers and waves from the kiddos and a brave smile and holding back tears from me.  The first day of school is always a mixed bag! 
When I got back home with my littlest one in tow . . . I whispered to him not to grow up as fast as his older siblings. 
And with his "ok mommeee" lifting my heart . . . we decided to have a little  fun!
I wanted to celebrate this special day with that wonderful childhood symbol of early learning.
Crayons! . . . And these ones are completely edible.
A rainbow and beyond of cheerful colors . . . .
 . . . and endless possibilities! 
Later on that day . . . my little ones came back to these open arms and this time I didn't hold back the tears! 
As we walked home hand-in-hand, singing those summer-time songs, I wondered how many other mom's were doing the very same thing at that very same moment.  Savoring the precious time.
When we got home a yummy snack awaited those flushed faces brimming with first-day stories and excitement.  And over a small glass of cold milk . . . I had them tell me ALL about it . . .