Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine Bear Hugs Cake Pops

Bear hugs are welcome any time - no reasons needed. 
 Although Valentine's Day does inspire hugs to come in different forms. 
Like in the form of a vanilla bean . . .
pink swirled cake pop.
With a royal icing bear on top . . .
 hugging a sweet icing heart . . .
and sharing the love with a bunch of friends!
Now that's a cake pop we can all embrace!
 These two would be perfect for my twin nephews.
I made the cake using a French Vanilla cake mix and adding vanilla beans to the batter.  Easy and full of flavor.
 For the pink swirled effect . . .
 Just dip a toothpick into hot pink gel food color . . .
And gently knead into the cake ball.
Your hands fingers and palms will turn hot pink for a few hours . . .
 but hey, it's all in good fun!
Have a coffee cup filled 1/4 of the way up with the sparkling sugar sprinkles.
After you dip the cake balls into the candy coating, give them a dip in the sparkling sugar.
 Add your Wilton royal icing bears on top and let it set up.
Wrap these up in a treat bag and give someone a big Valentine Bear Hug . . . 
. . . cake pop style. 
Happy Baking and Making!

I Heart Nap Time