Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blue Velvet Snowflake Pops

The January snows have settled into our neck of the woods.
It blankets the fields, bridges and pines in a clean, bright white.
And to celebrate I made up a batch of these crystalline snowflake pops.
When it came time for their photoshoot, I bundled up - gear and goodies in tow - and headed outside. 
I think I had more fun photographing these sweet pops. 
Finding a good spot where the morning sunlight glittered over the snowdrifts. 
Placing them gingerly at the edge of the old red bridge.
And finding just the right snow-covered rock at the river's bank.
I think the cake pops were right in their element! 
Just look at how striking the blue velvet center is against the sugared white. 
The cake part of these pops are incredibly delicious.  I baked a blue velvet cake.  First time ever and so delicious!  Click on the link for the recipe as well as other blue desserts and drinks. 

I Heart Nap Time

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