Thursday, February 13, 2014

Royal Box of Chocolate Cookies

Make your sweetheart feel absolutely Royal this Valentine's Day with these royal icing box of chocolate cookies.
Although my piping skills may need some improvement, I love the look of this quilted iced cookie. 
To get that "tufted" look, I drew a grid pattern onto the cookie using a yellow food writer.  Then filled in the squares with pink royal icing.  For a top-notch tutorial visit The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.
Once the icing was semi-set, I placed an edible pearl at the corners of the squares.  I think it helps complete the pattern.
This was a fun collection to make for Valentine's Day.  But the next time I make these I will use real chocolates to place on top of the iced cookie.  Because really . . . what beats chocolate on Valentine's Day?  Have a happy one!