Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

I found this Thanksgiving Turkey Cake in the bakery at our local supermarket and thought . . . now THAT puts a playful spirit into Thanksgiving!  And I am definitely thankful for the little things in life that make me smile.  So I couldn't resist buying it.  But every good turkey (dinner or dessert variety) needs a good stuffing!
 And it doesn't get more delicious than this . . .
Start by cubing up a freshly baked cake.  I used a yellow mix - as that is what was on hand - but a spice cake would work nicely here . . . giving it a whole grain stuffing look.
 Spoon a bit of cherry preserves into the cubed cake mixture.
 Then drizzle on some buttery caramel sauce.
 Add fresh raspberries . . . and crumbled walnuts.
Look how the caramel binds the cake, jam, berries and pecans together in a sweet and buttery delight.
Assemble the turkey cake onto a platter surrounded by the cake "stuffing" and decorate with a bit of fresh raspberries.  And set out a gravy boat filled with caramel sauce.
I got a bit playful slicing this bird-cake . . . quartering it as with a real turkey.
 Then onto a plate with the Caramel Raspberry and Cherry Pecan Cake "Stuffing".  How fun would this be on a dessert table?  And crazy delicious!
Here's to a full belly and even fuller spirit this Thanksgiving!
May you stay warm and well, find time to be playful and be surrounded by those who love you. 

Bless this food and the hands that bring it to us . . . Happy Thanksgiving!

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