Sunday, August 25, 2013

Forest Animal Cake Pops

Welcome to my summer cake pop garden . . .
 . . . where the forest animals are just the sweetest!

Where brightly colored birds look adoringly at their friend the red fox.

And sugar-white bunny rabbits bounce on toadstools.

Where little red chipmunk's play on the strong backs of black bears . . .

. . . and happy little skunks are actually welcomed!

The little red fox still gets into mischief . . .

. . . and invites his black-masked friend raccoon to splash in the bird's bath.

Ever curious, it isn't long before the whole lot of forest animals join the party!

Raccoon and skunk drum a cool beat on the toadstool bongos.

And the yellow-breasted chick-a-dee sings a happy little ditty!

Do-whop, do-whop . . . they hop and they bop . . . 
because they just don't want Summer to stop! 


  1. Super cute cake pops ! Thanks for dropping by my blog and the lovely comment !

  2. Thanks for the visit and sweet comment!