Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Candy Apples (with freebie printable)

Oh boy, Summer is upon us!  Kids are preparing for the end of the school year and families are planning the activities for the warm months ahead.

Whether you are hitting the beach or heading to the lakes here is one activity the whole family can join in on . . . Oh Boy Summer Candy Apples named in honor of  Diahann Darwood's new book Oh Boy Summer.

What I love about making Summer Candy Apples is that they are fun, delicious and easily portable.  With a little assembling ahead of time the kids can jump into this activity and get creative by decorating their own apples  . . . there is no wrong way to do it!   So let's get to making these sweet Summer treats.
You will need to buy one bag each of Candy Melts by Wilton in the color of your choice at your local Michaels Craft Store or A.C. Moore.   While you are there, pick up some popsicle sticks and you are ready to go.  At home wash and dry your apples and insert the popsicle stick in place of the stem.  Make sure your bowl is wide and deep enough to easily dip your apple. 
Then melt your Candy Melts in your microwave safe bowl on the defrost setting of your microwave for about 1 minute.  Mix in a little Crisco shortening to help thin the consistency and continue to microwave for 30 second intervals until the candy coating is nice and smooth.  
 Now on to the fun part . . . get dipping!  Let the kids choose which color they'd like to try first and dunk their apples.  Let the first color set for about 5 minutes then dip your apple into the second color about halfway up.  While your candy coating is setting print out these free and adorable Summer decorative circles courtesy of Shindig Parties To Go
I hope you will try these yummy Oh Boy Summer Candy Apples and have fun getting creative with your families this Summer!


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  1. I usually associate candy apples with the cold seasons, but these sound like the perfect summer treat!

  2. They definitely are summery sweet!