Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brave themed Birthday Party

Welcome to this year's Brave themed birthday party for my two April babies.  With the help of my husband and two very best friends . . . . this year's party was Destined for Adventure!
I made this Merida doll cake for my princess.  Even though I ran out of frosting I think it turned out pretty!
 My best friend baked all of the cake, cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla) and mixed up the most delicious homemade frosting.  Check out her facebook page Happy Sweets.
 Also on the table were Scottish Sweet Buns (frosted donut holes), Bear Paw Oreos and Spell Cakes (Pepperidge Farm Fruit and Butter cookies).
In the movie, Princess Merida receives a Spell Cake from the witch to "change her fate".  And it does . . . when her mother and brothers eat the magical Spell Cake it turns them into bears.
And for my little Birthday Bear . . .  Chocolate Bear Cub cake pops!
When guests arrived I had them "follow the wisps" that led to the party.

At the party's center was the witch's Crafty Carver Cottage (tent) with posters and inspirations from the movie . . . like "Never conjure where you carve."
Inside the tent I hung wooden wind chimes to add a musical element to the wood carving tent.

The kids then headed over to the spinner board to find out which clan they would belong to.  They loved this part!
 Each clan member received a tartan sash and matching button with their colors and symbols.  It was theirs to keep!
 For the Highland Game of Archery I made special bows spray painted gray and strung with beads and feathers.
The birthday girl got her very own Princess Merida inspired dress, lovingly handmade by her Godmother who can make anything.  What a lucky Goddaughter!
She also had her own gorgeous bow and arrow set!
On to the Highland Games . . . the kids were so excited for this part.  They lined up behind their clans' flag and took turns practicing their archery skills.
They had so much fun competing!

 In the movie Princess Merida's little brothers Hamish, Harris and Hubert turn into bear cubs and they were found getting into mischief all around the party.  (-;
This was a home made piƱata I created out of a pizza box.  I just trimmed it into a circle and binded it with hot-glue.   Then I filled it with candy and balloons and hot-glued streamers and a bear paw to the front. 

After the cake and dessert table goodies were devoured the kids got to take home a treat bag in their clan colors and symbols.
 Each bag contained a bow and arrow set.
Even my sweet Penny Lane got in on the action . . . she knew how to follow the wisps out to the party! 
It was a fun filled party for all!  My two best friends flew in to celebrate with their Godchildren and were such a huge help.  I can't thank them enough for all of their support!  xoxo   
Happy Birthday my darling April babies!  I love you more than all the stars in the night sky!


  1. Thank you, Danny, we really had a lot of fun and your imagination and creativity is always admired.
    Hugs and love.
    K & the gang

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I tried to capture the Highland feel to this party.

  3. This looked like it was fantastic!!