Monday, March 25, 2013

Cake Pop Easter Basket - How To

Here's an idea for your Easter Baskets this year.  Cake pop Easter eggs in mini baskets!
 They may look like the sparkly foam ones but these are completely edible.
Start out by selecting your sanding sugar in the colors you'll be working with.

Shape your cake ball into an oval and dip.

Once its on the lollipop stick, pinch the top slightly and let it set.
Dip into your candy coating and let set until it no longer drips.  But no longer or the sprinkles will not adhere.
Sprinkle on the sanding sugar over a cupcake liner or bowl to catch the sprinkles that fall.  You can pour these back into the bottle and reuse.

Carefully fit your baskets with floral foam and cover with paper grass.

Arrange your cake pop Easter eggs by gently pressing the sticks into the floral foam being sure to hold only the stick or the cake pop may crack.

Wouldn't they be a sweet alternative to give out on Easter? 

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  1. These are edible?! You've got to be kidding me!! They look amazing! They also look like they'll taste pretty darn delicious.

    1. Thank you Rachel. They are ALMOST too pretty to eat. Almost! (;